To provide relief to those individually and collectively suffering the effects of microwave radiation and electromagnetic fields through education, research, symptom relief, and identification and removal of the cause(s) of injury.

The Need

Individuals injured by microwave radiation and electromagnetic fields must find safe havens free of microwave radiation and electromagnetic fields. The impacts are large-scale because cell towers and their microwave radiation emissions and electromagnetic fields are almost everywhere, and those affected and sensitive to the impacts are forced to choose either to become more ill or to leave their homes and work for an unknown and uncertain future.

The Solution

To provide relief for those affected by microwave radiation and electromagnetic fields through WAVR (Wave Analysis and Verification Research)

This narrative has been divided into five sections: research, environments, facilities, habitats, and education. Articles of Incorporation quoted are in italics. Bold are non-profit categories / classifications WAVR is applying for. In normal print are brief discussion of goals.


“To create, support, and improve research activities of all types toward environmentally safe electromagnetic field and microwave radiation wave evaluations. Develop improved methodology for measuring environments. Conduct and evaluate “scientific” research. WAVR conducts/promotes research on wave spectrums and effects on the surroundings.

  • Research health effects, changes in environments and correlations of these changes. Conduct and evaluate “testing for public safety”.
  • Develop or test shielding materials (such as those utilized on vehicles, housing, protective clothing), modifying vehicles to reduce EMR (i.e. diesels).
  • Determine possible relationships (i.e. diabetes) and EMR-responsive individuals.
  • Study the role of acetyl cholinesterase enzyme activity (example) and cell phone radiation injury with similarities to organophosphate insecticide injuries.
  • Explore for compounds that will mediate EMR injury.
  • Research modes of action on cellular metabolism with EMR exposure.
  • Support research in conjunction with a medical institution or hospital (United States or foreign) to appropriately assist in the aforementioned projects and goals.
  • Test for organic or inorganic effects from electromagnetic or microwave radiation on animals and plants, thereby “preventing cruelty to children and animals”.


“Map electromagnetic and microwave radiation zones. “Test for public safety.” Assist or establish electromagnetic microwave radiation safe environments. Monitor environment for safety. Provide for “relief of the distressed”

  • Modify or establish villages / communities so sensitive individuals and their families can humanely function.
  • Study environmental chemical /electromagnetic field / microwave radiation injury associations.
  • Study interactions with environmental factors so relationships of symptoms and injuries like those for example in Gulf War Syndrome can be studied closer.
  • People (including children) injured in one situation often become sensitized to other areas.
  • Monitor environment for safety. “Prevent cruelty to children and animals”.


in pursuit of the foregoing

  • Locate places with safe facilities for sensitive individuals to function and “test for public safety.” Based on knowledge of EMR, WAVR will develop a blueprint to establish safe facilities, “eliminating prejudice and discrimination”. Using this blueprint, WAVR will demonstrate, assist and/or establish safe facilities so sensitive individuals and the public can function “erecting or maintaining public buildings, monuments or works”. allocation to worthwhile charitable programs


Based on knowledge of EMR, WAVR will develop a blueprint for safe habitats. This blueprint then becomes part of a goal to establish safe habitats for sensitive individuals to reside and function. Assist or establish habitats or communities for individuals disabled / injured by microwave radiation, as a means to ensure to sensitive individuals safe places for them to reside. allocation to worthwhile charitable programs


educational programs promote “education” about electromagnetic field and microwave radiation sensitivity (EMS). There is a need to “eliminate prejudice and discrimination” based on electromagnetic microwave radiation. Currently in our governmental agencies, medical communities and society, there is a closed system attitude toward EMS victims. Establish a safe community, establish safe housing and promote EMS education. Based on knowledge of EMS, WAVR will develop a blueprint for a safe community. WAVR promotes an understanding of electromagnetic and microwave radiation sensitivity (EMS) effects and initially and continually searches for relevant literature. allocation to educational programs.