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Frankie & The Poolboys (Pool Boys) - Discography (2008-2018)

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Frankie & The Poolboys (Pool Boys) - Discography (2008-2018)
Frankie & The Poolboys (Pool Boys) - Discography (2008-2018)
Frankie & The Poolboys (Pool Boys) - Discography (2008-2018)
Дата: 23 сентября 2018
Добавил: OperaTor
Просмотров: 594
  • ИСПОЛНИТЕЛЬ: Frankie & The Poolboys (Pool Boys)
  • АЛЬБОМ / НАЗВАНИЕ: Discography
  • ГОД / ДАТА ВЫХОДА: 2008-2018
  • СТРАНА: San Francisco, California, United States
  • ТОЧНЫЙ ЖАНР(Ы): Surf Rock
  • КАЧЕСТВО: 192-320 kbps

  • РЕЙТИНГ: 10 / 6    


Описание альбома

2008 - Frankie & The Poolboys - 00:43:06 (320 kbps)

2013 - The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts - 00:41:59 (320 kbps)

2018 - Spin the Bottle - 01:01:55 (192 kbps)

Источник (релизер): Мистер Саддам
Frankie and the Pool Boys have become one of the most respected and well known bands of Surf Music’s “Third Wave”. The summer of 2018 will be their busiest ever with the release of their third album, a 7” single, a European tour, headlining the first night of the Surfer Joe Festival in Italy, and featured performances at the SurfGuitar 101 Con in Anaheim, CA and the Asbury Park Surf Music Festival in New Jersey.
The Pool Boys got together in 2007 as an offshoot project of San Francisco’s legendary progressive surf band, Pollo Del Mar. Leader Ferenc Dobronyi wanted to focus on more accessable, danceable music. The early membership drew the best players of S.F.’s surf music scene, before solidifying into it’s current lineup in 2015. Dobronyi remains the band leader and chief song writer with Jono Jones (Pollo Del Mar) on guitar, Karen Dobronyi (Meshugga Beach Party) on keyboards, and Abraham Aguilar and Jonathan Rodriguez (both of The Deadbeats) on bass and drums.
“Spin the Bottle” is the Pool Boys third album released on Double Crown Records; it features 14 new originals, two cover songs (Booker T. & the MGs and The Surf Coasters,) and as a bonus, four vocal versions for the folks who need lyrics to tell them how to feel. But seriously, the vocal version are there in an attempt to garner some radio airplay, which generally only uses instrumentals as bed music for the DJ to talk over. The album was produced by Dusty Watson, drummer for The Sonics, Dick Dale, Agent Orange and so many more. The album is filled with musical variety, with fast and slow songs, trad style to moderne, some rippers and some goofy shit.
Also available this summer, Hi-Tide Recordings released a vinyl 7” single of “Ewa on the Beach”, a song from the Pool Boys first, 2007 album. Why now, some 11 years later? Because “Ewa on the Beach” has been deemed a “modern surf classic”, and has been voted the #3 modern surf song by the listeners of North Sea Surf Radio, and has found it’s way on multiple compilations. On the B-side is the ultra-trad “Tan Line Fever”.
The European Tour is booked and managed by Surfer Joe, with 14 shows booked, starting with three shows in and around Berlin. the band then jets to Livorno Italy to headline Friday night on the big stage next to the Mediterranean at the Surfer Joe Festival, followed by 10 shows spanning the length of Italy. This is the Pool boys second European tour. Upon return to the US, the Pool Boys are booked for the Rio Nido Surf Festival (NorCal), The Int’l Surf Classic (San Jose) and the Surf Guitar 101 Con (Anaheim, next to Disneyland). In August the make their East Coast premier at the Asbury Park Surf Music Festival in New Jersey, and in the fall they travel up the West Coast to Seattle and beyond.
Frankie and the Pool Boys started out as a recording project band, with no intentions of playing live. The idea was to get some of the best surf musicians from around the world. the first and second albums featured Shigeo Naka (The Surf Coasters), Bob Spaulding (The Ventures), John Blair (Jon & the Nightriders), Dusty Watson (The Sonics, Dick Dale), Ivan Pongracic (The Space Cossacks, The Madeira), Dave Wronski (Slacktone), David Arnson (Insect Surfers), Danny Snyder (The TomorrowMen), Jonpaul Balak (Tikiyaki Orchestra), Naotaka Seki (The Surf Coasters) and many more. As requests to perform arose, so did the need for a touring unit, though early versions still featured a rotating cast depending on availability. In 2014, The Pool Boys became a true and tight unit, giving them the focus to record “Spin the Bottle” in one, weekend long, session in November of 2017.

Ferenc Dobronyi - Guitar,
Jono Jones - Guitar
Karen Dobronyi - Keyboards
Abraham Aguilar - Bass
Jonathan Rodriguez - Drums
Live auxiliary:
Fritz Greenbaum - Guitar
Johnnie Hamilton - Bass
Danny Snyder - Guitar
Tony Bald - Drums, Bass
Dusty Watson - Drums
Naotaka Seki - Drums
Lorenzo "Surfer Joe" Valdambrini - Drums

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